The Bruce Bowyer Foundation

The site is still under construction, but you are invited to browse and send us your comments

"We" Are: The Family and Friends of Bruce Bowyer

While we all know that, in life, Bruce would have objected to a 'virtual' tombstone, or anything that smacked of dramatics or windy ululation ( is it already too late ? Bruce would probably say here that my explanation is already a jettison...), we also know that Bruce was a tender-hearted man, and would understand our need to honor him.
This site will engage in activities that will both do some good in the world in Bruce's name, and celebrate the life and times of the man we loved so much.

A quote from one of Bruce's good friends sums it up this way:
"I am going to get on with it- as Bruce would have wanted- but one thing,
just one thing (Billy Crystal-City Slickers? (we laughed about this)) I will
find in/from my life to dedicate to Bruce... That thing, whatever it is, is
how I will remember him... If the huge pool of talent who constitute his
friends do the same, we will all live in a better world..." -- Chris Horn
Although kid's activities and charities will be the focus of the work we do, we will not limit discussions and events  to these topics alone, so be prepared to view comments on beer, computers, country music, chess, supermodels, politics or anything else Bruce's friends might wish to contribute to this site.